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Laundry pickup & delivery service at your door. Perfect for busy families and individuals.

King Laundry offers a variety of pickup & delivery services in Pinnacle, NC and the surrounding areas. These pickup & delivery laundry services include wash & fold laundry, rug cleaning, and commercial laundry. Our laundromat services the following Pinnacle zip code: 27043. Get our laundry services so you can unburden yourself and do something enjoyable.

Why spend your time tethered to a washer and dryer when you could be exploring Pinnacle, NC? Schedule a pickup & delivery with King Laundry so you can admire Pilot Mountain from the Pilot Mountain Scenic Overlook off of U.S. Highway 52. If you seek more than some sightseeing, then get a reservation to pick flowers at Poplar Creek Flower Farm. And if you want more adventure, go horseback riding with a guide at Bregman Trail Riding and Stables. Pinnacle surely is at the top of their game when delivering outdoor activities.

Schedule a laundry pickup & delivery with us and find your adventure in Pinnacle.

Businesses in Pinnacle can request a bid for our commercial laundry services by calling (336) 813-1315.