Gym towels on an open shelf in locker room

Commercial Laundry in and near King, NC

Does your enterprise generate dirty laundry? Do your operations require keeping fresh towels and robes in rotation for customer use, like at fitness clubs, salons, or barber shops? Do you manage a property or facility that requires constant washing of bedding, table linens, and guest's or patient's laundry?

Running a business can be challenging but the laundry doesn’t have to be. King Laundry can conveniently take some, or all, of your laundry off your hands so that you can focus on other, more important aspects of your enterprise. We are equipped to work with your capacity and schedule. We serve the business communities in and near King, Rural Hall, Tobaccoville, Pfafftown, Lewisville, and Pinnacle, NC.

Call Stacy at (336) 813-1315 for a custom quote. Estimates depend on the type of laundry, amount, and how often commercial laundry services are needed. Call and let’s get started today!

No matter the industry you’re in, chances are you have linens. Whether it’s table and chair covers that often deploy with party rentals, or linen napkins through a catering service, or curtains and pillow covers that make an office feel like home, King Laundry is here for you. We can help your business look its best by cleaning your linens.

Certain foods and drinks can create the worst stains. If you run a restaurant or bar, then you don't want to have stained linens and neither do customers. Nor does your staff want to be limited to using neglected aprons or wearing dingy uniforms. Our restaurant laundry service will clean your linen napkins, chair covers & cushions, uniforms, aprons, kitchen towels, janitorial rags, and more.

Hotels and motels have an enormous amount of laundry to do every single day. Everything from bed sheets, towels, blankets, comforters, to area rugs, complimentary robes, and pool towels need to be removed and replaced with fresh, clean items. Our commercial laundry service for hotels is here to help. Let King Laundry’s commercial laundry services do some or all your laundry for you.

Vacation rentals generate a lot of laundry. If the rental is a house then everything in the house must be laundered between guests. That could be everything from dish towels to comforters. Plus, your guests are always coming and going impacting your schedule week to week. There is no need to worry—our Airbnb laundry service is designed with you in mind. We will work with your schedule to make sure you always have fresh towels and linens in rotation.

Rest homes or assisted living facilities must meet a high standard of cleanliness around the clock. Families count on rest homes to regularly wash clothes for their loved ones. These facilities generate many towels, robes, and bedding in caring for patients, in addition to each resident’s personal laundry. In supporting the staff, management is expected to supply clean custodial rags, uniforms, and more. King Laundry can help you keep up with this laundry.

Fitness clubs regularly exhaust their fresh supply of towels. In gyms, towels are often used to wipe off sweat, then they end up in a damp, odious pile in the locker room. Our towel cleaning service will make sure that those towels get thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. We will come to your location as often as you need and take them away to be washed, dried, fluffed, and folded. Your towels will be returned clean, fresh, and fluffy for your gym members to use without worries.

Salon and barber clients expect an experience that leaves their skin and hair looking and feeling great. They also expect any towels to also look and feel great. Hard, scratchy towels ruin moments of pamerpering. If your enterprise offers manicures, pedicures, hair color, or makeup, then it is inevitable that your towels will get stained and discolored. Our commercial laundry service for salons and barber shops uses the best detergents to make sure that your laundry comes back to you and your customers smelling great and feeling terrific.