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Cleaning a Washing Machine

June 26, 2023

Moldy Frontloader Door

It’s easy to assume that washing machines do not get dirty since their primary task is to wash clothes with detergent and sometimes bleach, right?

Unfortunately, despite all the washing, these machines often build up residue inside the barrel that largely goes unseen. This residue may include lint, hair, dirt, and more but perhaps the worst offender is mold. As this residue accumulates inside the unexposed parts of the barrel (just behind that punctured interior where water is pressed out during the spin cycle) mold begins to grow. And this can go on for years before one day, all it takes is one wash at just the right temperature (hot water) to loosen up the gunk and disperse it into your wash load. When this happens, it’s time to wash the washer.

To clean your machine, fill it with warm or hot water at max capacity. Do not add clothes or towels or anything. However, do add a cup of bleach. Let the washer run as if washing a regular load going through the wash, spin, rinse, spin pattern.

Once the washer is done, then it’s time to wipe down the interior. Put on gloves and grab a microfiber towel or a Magic sponge. Get to work cleaning from the top to bottom for top loaders or front to back with front loaders and be sure to get into every groove and crevice to remove buildup. That means cleaning the rubber seal on front loaders and getting under the flange on top loaders. Also clean out any removeable soap and softener dispensers. Lastly, run a full rinse cycle again, just to wash away any debris that fell into the tank.

Voila, the washer is washed. It is recommended to conduct this kind of cleaning at least once a month to prevent mold buildup.

If ever the washer must be cleaned by a professional, bring your laundry down to King Laundry or schedule a pickup and delivery. We’ll wash, dry, and fold everything for you until your washer is back up and running in pristine shape.

Until then, keep calm and wash dry fold.

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